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Horror Remakes talk.

by: Sweetreviewer

As we all know, there's lots of talk about upcoming horror remakes; some are good ideas, some bad, and some we just have to wait and find out how they turn out. Recently, we saw Friday the 13th remake and it turned out to be alright, I mean my 11 yr old brother enjoyed it. The same cliche remained, if you watched the 1st one. Halloween on the other hand to me, it was not a remake but a reinvention by Rob Zombie. The original Halloween, by: John Carpenter can never be replaced. Although, the effects are so 1978 but, the psychological effect that movie caused and causes on everyone that has never watched it, still remains. That being said, I don't believe Rob Zombie killed that movie. Everyone loved it so much that he's creating Halloween 2, this time in his own style completely.

Rob Zombie's version was loved so much because he created a bigger and badder Michael, he gave him a story, not only that he was a psychopath serial killer, but he portrayed why Michael turned out that way. Rob Zombie brought the scariest fictional serial killer back to life. This is why Halloween 2 will most likely turn out well, and will be well received by audiences.

Another remake that is coming up, is A nightmare on Elm street. This movie wasn't as scary to me when I was a child, as Halloween and Friday the 13th were; it was more grose to me . The truth of the matter is that Robert Englund made Freddy's character, Wes craven invented this child killer, but neither will be in this movie. We can't knock it until we see it, because it's a remake, so in order to top the original, perhaps you need new characters and a new director.

The next remake is Alice in wonderland; not so much horror, but definitely dark -- thanks to Tim Burton. I'm happy about this one, Alice in wonderland was definitely a dark story but they portrayed it as a fairy tale for kids. Many people have interpreted Lewis Carol's Books, that there was use of drugs, Freudian influences, mathematics, political satire, sex and pedophilia,nonsense, etc.-
I know this movie will turn out well with Johnny Depp and all the other characters that will be in this movie.

A movie that I have been dying to see a remake of, is Pet Semetary. A horror movie that was adapted from Stephen Kings Classic Novel by the same name. When I was a kid, I watched it over and over. Over and over I'd scare myself and had nightmares. I'd think to myself, what if there was a real pet Semetary, where you can bury people and pets and they come back to life? There's been talk about a remake for a while now. If you look at the movie now you find it funny instead of scary and that doesn't do the book justice. Last I heard Dave Kajganick (Invasion Creek) was going to write the script. He will also be writing the script for yet another Stephen king adaptation -- IT. I believe Warner Bros decided to pick up the rights after a while of floating around Hollywood.

Stephen King's 'IT" remake, I don't know what to think about it, again this was one of the movies I played over and over on my VCR when I was a kid. My cousins, who were younger would come to play with me and the weirdo horror freak that I was, I'd pop in "It" and gave them there dose of horror. They remember how scared I'd get them till this day. It's hard to imagine Tim curry who played Penny Wise the clown not being in this movie. This movie came straight to TV in the 90's in two parts. It is often referred to as one of the scariest horror movies. Penny Wise is the clown killer that the children in a 1960's town in Maine call "It." In part one, he haunts them and in part 2 they come back to defeat "IT" as adults. I love the idea of this movie because "It" represents fear, that we all have, our worst nightmares, such as death etc. They want to create a remake this time, it will have a theatrical release. Let's hope this is a good idea. I'll never forget when little Georgie is playing with his paper boat in his yellow raincoat and you see the horrible creature "It" telling him in a very scary tone, "They Float Georgie... They Float... and when your down here, with me... YOU FLOAT TOO!"

Some movies that I'd like to be remade are Salem's lot I'm currently reading the book and saw both the original movie and the 2000 remake with Rob Lowe. I think it's a time a director that has vision, and turn the book by Stephen King into another movie, newly reinvented. This time they can make it similar to the original film but update the effects and make it scarier. I don't want to go into what it is about for those who haven't' read the book or seen the movies, because when you read the book you don't find out what's going on until probably 300 something pages of the book. Although, the latest book cover does reveal the secret behind Salem's Lot.

The Wizard of Oz -- there's been talk about a 2010 release, but I hope it's dark since many have interpreted this one as an" allegory or metaphor for the political, economic and social events of America of the 1890s."-wikipedia

Child's play is rumored to be remade, apparently they're having problems with the script. Don't know what to say about this one as well, Chucky scared the crap out of children, now it's funny and the rest of the remakes turned out to be humorus aswell. Let's see how that turns out. Again, I am guilty of scaring every little kid I know especially the little bro, he had it hard. I would immitate the sweet little voice " Hi I'm Chucky wanna play?"

Children of the Corn is said to be remade not as a movie but as a miniseries, I believe the girl from "Orphan" Horror Movie, (Isabelle Farhman) will be in it playing one of the children.

A movie I don't want them to ever remake is Stanley Kubrick's version of The Shining with Jack Nicholson . This one is a classic, movie adapted from the novel by Stephen king of course. I haven't' read the novel but I heard it's way scarier than the movie. All books usually are better anyway. My memorable quote is when I believe Jack Nicholson's character is really working on his writing and his wife goes and takes a look at the stack of paper on his desk just to see "All work and no play makes Jack a Dull Boy" multiple times in every stack of paper.

The downside of remaking movies is the lack of creativity that directors have, if they know they can make it way better than the first, I say go for it, but they should also keep in mind that the Horror Genre has endured a lot of criticism for so many remakes of which most turn out to be horrible. ( ie. Amitty Ville Horror, Exorcist, The Beginning) Although, there are good remakes like Texas Chainsaw Massacre I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Any Horror Remakes You are interested in? Did I miss a an upcoming Remake? Feel free to post a comment about it.
Or, are there any Horror Remakes you don't agree with ? I'm interested in hearing your opinions.


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