Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Film Review: Grace (2009)

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5 Blood Drops for Grace.
Review: by Sweetreviewer

How far can the maternal bond between mother and child go?

Directed and Written by: Paul Solet

Grace deals with loss, the mental effects that death creates on us humans, and the wanting of something so bad you’ll do anything to keep it alive. That’s what baby Grace is an “It.”

We weren’t wrong in judging this movie merely by watching the trailer, and knowing this film was going to seriously do damage to ones psyche. This movie is completely different to what others think it might be. It might lead you to think it’s another Rosemarie’s baby rip-off, but it is far beyond that comparison.

This independent movie only screened in certain theaters.

Madeline Matheson(Jordan Ladd) is a vegetarian that has already had miscarriages and is trying to conceive another child. She becomes successful and decides not to conceive it at a hospital and goes to a mid-wife. Madeline and her husband Michael Matheson (Stephen Park) suffer a car accident. A tragedy happens and Madeline sees herself with preeclampsia ---she later learns that the baby has died. She refuses to go to a hospital and decides to conceive the baby until full term. The mid-wife(Samantha Farris) delivers the still born child, and then realizes that the baby was born dead, but miraculously becomes alive and well. Madeline’s mother in law (Gabrielle Rose) is upset and thinks that Madeline isn’t well at all. She feels Madeline is insane. But the mother in law Vivienne Matheson is having issues of her own as well ---issues of loss and regression. Grace turns out to be a bloodsucking baby. We don’t know what she is… a zombie? ---Or Perhaps a vampire? ---Or maybe a Hybrid? That’s the beauty of this movie even when it ends we still don’t know what grace is.

Overall, this movie is odd, different and interesting. It deals with unresolved issues of motherhood and co-dependency, with an ironic climax. This movie is for those that aren’t bothered by touchy subjects such as this one. It’s for those that can stomach a good well done horror movie. It’s not your typical scary movie; it’s more profound; more psychological as we like it.

With that said... I’ll leave you with this quote from the Director Paul Solet in an interview with shocktillyoudrop

“Grace is all about keeping people off balance. It's about kicking the knees out from under the audience and cutting open their guts and reaching in and f**king with their soul.”


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