Thursday, August 13, 2009

Film Review: A Perfect Getaway.

by: SweetReviewer

Release Date: August 7,2009
and Directed by: David Twohy

What to say except, I expected more from this movie. Although, this movie is not categorized as horror but as a thriller it deserved to be watched; sometimes thrillers tend to be a little more real in the sense that they can be scarier if it were to occur in real life. This movie starts off with a newlywed couple Cidney (Jovovich) and Cliff (Zahn) go off backpacking in Hawaii when there is word that psychopaths are going around killing tourists. The rumor around the island is that the murders were committed by a couple, along their journey Cidney and Cliff meet four other couples. Most of the movie is based on Cidney and Cliff’s journey in Hawaii.

The characters are believable and great actors. Milla Jovovich was great in the movie but she has done better with resident evil, since its more action packed, and more horror is involved. This movie takes you on a whirl wind with the writing. The climax is surprising, but it makes you feel like the writer tried so hard to keep the audience guessing until the end, that parts of the movie ---character scenes that were displayed in the beginning. turned out not to coordinate with the climax. Overall, it’s worth watching just to find out who the killer or killers are, but the movie itself wasn’t convincing enough. It didn’t have as much action until the climax/twist.

This movie didn't have much gore. It felt like Twohy planned to write the movie and direct it on the sole basis of the ending. Well there you have it, watch this movie for the great actors and the ending. This isn’t a movie to watch if you desire gore or to get terrified. Well like in Stephen King’s Secret Window,” The most important part of a story is the ending.”


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