Wednesday, September 9, 2009

'The House of the Devil' ---News and Red Band Trailer.

Okay, so we all know the 80's had the best horror movies of all time. This is why Director Ti West decided to pay homage to 80's horror with 'The House of the Devil'.

Here's the Synopsis:

Sam (Joceline Donahue) is a pretty college sophomore, so desperate to earn some cash for a deposit on an apartment that she accepts a babysitting job even after she finds out there is no baby. Mr. and Mrs. Ulman (cult actors Tom Noonan and Mary Woronov) are the older couple who lure Sam out to their creeky Victorian mansion deep in the woods, just in time for a total lunar eclipse. Megan (Great Gerwig) is Sam's best friend, who gives her a ride out to the house, and reluctantly leaves her there despite suspecting that something is amiss. Victor (A.J. Bowen) at first seems like just a creepy guy lurking around the house, but quickly makes it clear that Sam will end this night in a bloody fight for her life..

The House of the devil has been chosen to appear in Scream Fest 2009, Founder Rachel Belofski announced that 'The House of the Devil' will be the "centerpiece film" of the event. Premiering Oct 21 at the Grauman Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Scream Fest 2009 runs from October 16-25 The house of the Devil will appear in Amazon, video on demand October 1st and  in selected theaters only Oct 30th.

Now check out the creepy red band trailer.

(Sources: Trailer courtesy of Daily Motion,Poster SHock)


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