Saturday, September 12, 2009

News: Zombiemania Documentary.

Attention Zombie lovers and fanatics incase you didn't already know there will be a documentary on zombies October 13th on starz called 'ZombieMania'

Synopsis: Explore the popularity of horror films to answer why something so Dead has so much life at the box office. And in our nightmares!

Some movies that will be covered will be 'Night of the living Dead' of course. 28 days and 28 weeks later and many others.

They have and have had so many vampire shows why not a zombie show for a change? what do you think?

Here's the schedule

Tuesday, October 13th

* Starz 10:00pm
Wednesday, October 14th

* Starz 12:45am

Saturday, October 24th

* Starz Edge

Source: Starz


Anonymous said...

I loved Night of the living dead. and all zOmbie movies for that matter. I agree it would be greate if they came up with like a zombie tv show or something.

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