Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rob Zombie's H2 Massacre.

By: Sweetreviewer

What can I say about H2? I watched it opening night in the Chinese theater in LA. I was very excited because I expected it to be as good if not better than the first --- as a lot of people did. But I guess I should have known better since in the first movie Michael Myers was shot multiple times and Dr. Loomis had his head squeezed till he bled from his eyes given them up both for dead. And yet, here they were back in h2. Not to mention Debbie Myers ‘comeback which I will get into more details later.

This film wasn’t bad for a Rob Zombie film because we all know if you’ve watched his movies his characters are all trailer trash psychopaths, well that’s what Michael turned out to be as did the other characters, but that wasn’t the problem. I understand that he was re-imagining, hence re-inventing the entire movie, but there’s a difference between having a different concept of how a remake of a movie will be played out to be different from the first. Regardless of the reinvention it’s still a remake. Rob zombie completely changed the characters. If he was going to change the entire movie then he should have came up with his own serial killer character and not tried to make money of H2. It’s harsh but true. I’m a fan of Rob Zombie but an even bigger fan of Michael Myers.

It was devastating to see it wasn’t Michael Myers at all. I didn’t mind the fact he had Michael in a hoodie as a bum. Although Michael always wears his trademarked mechanic jumpsuit .Where did he get the hoodie? What bothered me the most was Michael Myers is a character known for his lack of emotion and for his darkness. That’s what had us Halloween fans glued in to all the sequels. We loved the mystery. This is what got us to watch Rob Zombie’s Halloween. In H2, there is emotion. Michael Myers is portrayed full of anger and Zombie tries to include Laurie Strode Michael’s sister into the whole anger management issues. In the past we saw Michael breathed in his mask, it was light enough to scare but strong enough to hear. In this movie Michael sounds like a dog breathing heavily. He kills by screaming, with every single repeated stab at his victim. We didn’t get any suspense at all besides Michael‘s temper tantrums and rage. We longed to see Michael surprise us with a kill. This time what was going to happen was so predictable.

Debbie Myers returns as a ghost in a white dress and Michael’s former younger self returns as a different actor. The actor that played Michael as a boy in the first Rob zombie Halloween was more believable as a character. This character lacked emptiness. Michael Myers supposedly went crazy therefore, he just kills, he’s empty and has no emotion he is the definition of evil ---this is what he was in the Halloween films. I’ll say it again this is what scared us and what had us.

I really was trying to put things together, as to why Debbie Myers came back as a ghost. I thought perhaps Rob attempted to show a reason why Michael killed. That perhaps in his mind his mom sent him to kill and the little boy was his conscience and that Michael felt as though he was still a child.
Then Laurie Strode starts to see the mom and the boy, and it’s all in her mind as well. Rob tried to show that Michael’s problem is hereditary and now Laurie suffers from it. It didn’t do it for me.
I'm no psychologist, but a person that is overly emotional angry,also cries and shows sadness and depression and speaks. That’s the only thing that was left for Michael to speak. Thankfully he didn’t, perhaps Rob will try that in h3. I apologize for being so harsh but it was such a butchery of the whole movie and characters.

Lastly, Dr. Loomis is known as a eloquent psychologist. In this one he’s portrayed by Michael McDonald as a hack and he’s made a mockery of by people. Michael McDowell is a good actor but the character was murdered. It wasn’t the character's fault they did what they had to do for the way the director wanted the portrayal.
 I won’t give anymore away but in the end the movie was left as if there was going to be another sequel.
Rob zombie could have just made another completely different character and movie to show and do what he wanted with it. The way Michael was portrayed was bad but it would have been sadistic for another character it would have been liked in another movie.

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cockney0_1 said...

From what I've heard from all the reviews I've read, this movie sounds like a real turkey. I'm a big Rob Zombie fan, but I think he's really dropped the ball with his Halloween movies. Being a fan himself, I thought he would have not wanted to go down the predictable sequel route, but I guess dollars speak louder than fans.
I'm glad you pointed out about Loomis reappearing even though his head was crushed in the first. I thought it was only me that noticed and that I'd missed something.
Overall, I don't think I'll waste my precious cash on going to the cinema to see this. I'll probably just rent the dvd when it comes out.
Nice review, though. Confirmed everything I'd heard already.

sweetreviewer-Thehorrorpress said...

Yes. It really isn't worth spending money on it. Just to see Michael's Anger Management issues. Definitely wait for the rental.

Anonymous said...

Total piece of garbage with the ghost mess. If they had completely left that out, and went with the beginning all the way through, it would have been a watchable movie. But as is, it is not. Why Rob? Why?
Why show his face? Seriously WHY? Why put in stupid lame ghosts? Why ruin Dr. Loomis? Why have the Laurie character do what she does at the end with the mask? You have completely ruined this horror icon.

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