Saturday, October 3, 2009

Film Review: 'Livestock' (2009)

 Directed by: Christopher Di Nunzio
Written by: Christopher Di Nunzio and Melanie Kotoch
Starring: Fiore Leo, Robert Hines,Johanna Gorton and Christina C. Crawford.

Review by: Sweetreviewer

In this independent film a mysterious cult, that refers themselves as “the pack” are only supposed to kill those that aren’t really significant to other people such as, prostitutes and bums. A newly promoted member Victor(Fiore) finds out that their cult members are not complying with the set of laws because they are getting “tired of their monotonous plans, they begin to take their malevolent acts one step further.”

Two worlds collide when two friends, Annabel (Gorton) and Tina (Crawford)are trying to produce changes in their lives. Annabel meets a guy online and goes on a date with him; things turn sour for her as she discovers what the pack really is. While Tina, is determined to get ahead in her career even if it’s sleeping her way to the top. She begins to have an affair with Victor.
The opening scene was definitely breathtaking it featured artwork from the Goddess Kali and throughout the film the writers pay homage in making references towards this Goddess. When the film first started I believed it was simply about a mafia that “whacked” people and cut them up into pieces as they were cattle. Hence the films name “Livestock”. My assumption was partially correct. This film took a different turn than what I originally thought --- in a good way.

For a film that didn’t have a big budget it featured a great direction by Di Nunzio. It had various stunning shots and lighting effects that made the colors in the film appear vibrant and present. The music was also a great plus to this film. But unfortunately the film did have some weaknesses most of the actors were pretty good especially Fiore who loosely resembles a younger Al Pacino. There were some actors that definitely overacted and were not convincing as characters and that is important in a film. Also, I thought the story idea was very good, but it had more potential to develop and grow and it was cut short.

I was confused as to who “the pack” really were, you believe they are one thing and then you think they are something else. I don’t want to give the story away therefore I won’t elaborate. The ending does somehow have to do with who they are, but in terms of what exactly they were? I feel can leave viewers a little confused.
This film also lacked a little more suspense although there were some other aspects of the film that turned out to be quite good in terms of gore and at times some disturbing occurrences that were done by the pack.

Overall, this wasn’t a bad movie at all it was slightly different from what you tend to see in horror now days. I enjoyed the history or mythology aspect that was included in this film. I am looking forward for Christopher Di Nunzio’s next film, because with his direction and ideas along with a great cast and additional story background it can definitely be a flawless creation.
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