Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Film Review: Rob Zombie Presents 'The Haunted World of El SuperBeasto' (2009)

Directed by Rob Zombie
Written by: Joe Ekers and Tom Papa

The Haunted World of El SuperBeasto is an adaptation from a comic of Rob Zombie.
EL Superbeasto is a crime fighting secret agent. He dresses as a Masked Wrestler, or a Lucha libre mask making reference to Mexican wrestlers. El Super Beasto was abandoned in the front steps of a stranger and raised with Suzi-X (Sherimoon Zombie) Suzi-X wheres a patch over her eye and also fights crime. But a Different type of crime. El SuperBeasto on a typical day visits strip joints and inadvertently gets into trouble. Suzi-X fights Nazi Biker Zombies along with the help of her android Murray. Dr. Satan “a manic depressive mad scientist” who is obsessed in finding the perfect woman that wears the mark of the Devil.

On his quest he encounters Miss Velvet Von Black (Rosario Dawson) El SuperBeasto develops a thing for Von Black and as she is kidnapped by Otto the Gorilla he calls on his sister Suzi-X for help in rescuing a damsel in distress. Otto was hired to kidnap and take Von Black to Dr. Satan. Miss Von Black then marries Dr Satan just to find out that all he wanted was to use her in getting bigger and stronger, in order to capture Suzi-X, his childhood crush who he was obsessed with. Things turn sour for the Dr. when El Superbeasto comes to save the day. Among the cast included are Paul Giamatti as Dr. Satan Tom Papa as El Superbeasto and Brian Posehn as the Robot.
This movie is definitely very perverted making references to penis’s and vagina's, bestiality and sex with an android. At the same time it is very funny. Where actors make small cameos like Jack Nicholson, Jeanine Garrofolo, Bill Moseley,Sid Haig and many others even Michael Myers gets run over by El Superbeasto. Definitely for an 18 year and older crowd. Their theme songs are perverted as well. Also features Cartoon nudity and cartoon sex .

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