Saturday, October 17, 2009

First episode: 'The Scare Game'

 We previously posted a teaser trailer on a new web-series  "The Scare Game" A horror Comedy seires based out of New Mexico.

Well the first episode is finally up.
Check it out below

 Lock your doors and keep away from the edge of your bed; Vince and his club of horror enthusiasts are hiding outside your window. The Scare Game is a new horror/comedy web series cast and crewed entirely in New Mexico. Season one will consist of thirteen 7 to 10 minute episodes exploring the topics of horror, voyeurism, and the ultimate unrequited love- fandom.

The first installment of the new horror/ comedy web series that chronicles the adventures of a group of horror enthusiasts. Their lives change drastically when they are thrust into a real horror event.
It is really rather funny. Check it out.

to view the uncut video refer to


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