Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Film Review: Severance (2006)

 Review by: Rick Romanowski
Directed by: Christopher Smith
Written by: James Moran and Christopher Smith
Released: August 2006

This film is probably one of the best examples of British humor mixed with hard-core horror. This movie is about a group of British businessmen who get sideswiped after a bus accident and are left alone in the woods. Then, when they find an old abandoned home, things begin to take a turn for the worse, people start disappearing and turning up dead. The reason why I love this film is because it combines satirical elements, as see in Office Space, and gory horror, as see in Wrong Turn. The acting seemed natural, the gore and scariness was there and just the general wackiness of this movie really made it worth watching.

To start off, I have to comment about the great British humor. The main humor is directed towards office life and its effects on the workers. The director and the writers bring satire into some extreme situations and even though they are very intense and pretty gory, they still dowse the intensity with humor. In fact, I could compare this to the film Slither, as they are both pretty gory and scary, but at the same time pretty funny. There are some pretty gruesome torture scenes as well as a pretty horrible bus accident. I mean, despite the humor, this movie still has some pretty gritty elements to it.

The acting was very good in this film; it isn't just you typical over the top acting or your poor wooden acting that you see in bad indie films, this brand of acting seemed almost natural and as if the cameramen had followed real people during the situation. The performance by McInnerny is very impressive mainly because he displays every characteristic as a typical kiss ass and the funny antics of Andy Nyman adds to that weird guy in every office. The men who played the killers have really distinguished themselves as killers, rather than just mindless psychopaths that stalk people in the woods.

I would strongly recommend this film for any horror fan that enjoyed British films like Shaun of the Dead or Dog Soldiers, mainly because this movie has a great blend of each movie. If you enjoy black comedies or horror-comedy, you'll love this movie. But take in mind, this movie is also pretty gory and horrific; don't be fooled by the lighthearted humor.


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