Thursday, December 31, 2009

'Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer' (1990)

Directed By: John McNaughton
 Written by: Richard Fire and  John McNaughton.
Review by: SweetReviewer
Released: September 1990
Based on the true life serial killer Henry Lee Lucas
Henry has just gotten out of jail for murdering his mother. Henry begins to share an apartment with a man named Otis. Otis introduces him to his sister that also needs a place to stay. Otis sister begins to fall for Henry. We find out that Otis sister was sexually abused by her father while growing up. We also learn that Otis engages in sexually abusing his sister. Henry has his own set of standards for being a serial killer and doesn't approve of that. He later introduces killing to Otis. He teaches Otis not to kill the same way repeatedly for example "if you stab one you have to shoot the other" otherwise the police will be on to them. Otis becomes obsessed with killing and becomes more aggressive. Henry begins to date Otis sister they appear to be in love as twisted as love may seem in Henry’s eyes. But what happends next will leave you shocked.

This movie is in your face shocking. It lacks substance in terms of writing leaving some missing pieces, because it makes you want to know what happened in between. You can’t really blame the cinematography since it’s a low budget film. It touches on the stigma that people from the south have ---in terms of brother and sister being intimate together. It shows that sometimes when you lack education and experience a horrible childhood you become insensitive to human life.
Finally this film achieved what it was trying to do ---shock us with gore and scare us with its psychological aspects. It leaves the audience terrified as we discover what kind of true evil and darkness Henry Lee Lucas had.
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