Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thirst: Opening july 31 -- Red Band Trailer.

Update: Thirst is opening in selected theaters it started July 31, in ny and other states here. Click here to find out if thirst will be opening in your city and state. Click here for exclusive photos.

Vampire fans will be happy to hear that there is yet another Vampire movie coming out on July 31st. The same day The collector opens. Check out the trailer below provided by ign.

Thirst is a Korean Horror movie, directed by Park-chan wook. Synopsis: A priest named Sang-hyun volunteers for an experimental vaccine test but dies in the process. When unidentified blood is transfused into him, he miraculously comes back to life, but as a vampire. He soon finds himself full of carnal desire for his friend's wife, and the two begin to have a deadly affair.-About.com


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