Thursday, August 27, 2009

Film Review: The Unknown (2005)

(Also known as Clawed The Legend of Sasquatch)
Directed by: Karl Kozak and Written by: Don J. Rearden and Karl Kozak

Released: April 14,2005

Review by
: Rick Romanowski
Yes, yet another movie about the infamous Sasquatch. However, this movie, despite its creepy video cover was not a creature feature but more of a conflict between man and man, or man and nature, not man and creature/animal. I will say that it had some pretty good elements and plot points but overall this movie was not that scary.

The elements that made this movie work, to a point, was the scenery shots of the woods and the seemingly endless forest. They incorporated great sunsets, sunrises, tree canopies and a beautiful shot of the fog gently rolling into the forestry. These shots made for great establishing shots and transitional elements. The beginning of the movie, which was a montage of these shots, was an even greater ingredient because it had a Native Americana influence as well as a little back story of the Sasquatch, which not many movies have.

However, there is a bad egg in this carton, or should I say a few. The main conflict in this movie was not the Sasquatch but in fact a battle between man and man, and teen and teacher. Basically a hunter is getting his revenge on the whole town because his friend died in the hands of the beast and he's just running around killing people because he's mad. It's almost funny and pointless. The conflict was weak and, at best, a humorous parody of typical forest-fright movies. The other conflict was a slacker teen that gets assigned a nature project because his teacher is mad that he's failing, so the teen is paired up with a brainiac and they run into Sasquatch; again, a conflict between the teacher, the slacker teen and the geeky teen.

The only time that you ever see the Sasquatch, or the only reason why he is even in this movie is just to stalk the teens and act scary, which he is not. Like I said, this movie could be considered a weak drama more than a horror, with great scenery shots. I would not recommend this movie to hard-core horror fanatics but for b-movie drama fans. Maybe even beginner horror fans this would be acceptable, but definitely not those who want the fur scared off of them.


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