Sunday, August 16, 2009

Indie Film Review: The Creek. (2007)

Written and Directed by: Erik Soullaird
Released on DVD - October 28, 2008

The Creek ---winner for Best Horror Feature, at the Illinois international film festival 2007, is a low budget independent film that has to do with the loss of a friend, jealousy, murder, a haunting ghost and with what resentment and envy can lead one to do, if pushed to the extreme.

You can tell it’s a low budget film but at the same time the message that Erick Soulliard tried to convey still remains the same as bigger budgeted films. This movie stars Kathryn Merry (Plaster Head) Erik Soulliard (Murder Game) Brian Jesiolowski, Dave Foster, Melissa Rhoads, Nancy Soulliard and Tim Jesiolowski.

The movie deals with a group of six friends who drift apart after the loss of their friend Billy. Five years later they are brought together by Billy’s ghost. Everyone is seeing Billy’s ghost and the group of friends decide to go to the creek where Billy died in the attempt to put his soul to rest. When one of the friends mysteriously dies they all realize they are trapped together in the woods. Without any means of escape they don’t know whether it’s Billy’s ghost or someone else that’s after them.

A lot of the cast had great acting chops while some; just remained bitter in delivering their lines. Angel (Merry) was the most believable character in the movie, along side of Jesse (Erik Soulliard) the rest of the cast was okay. Calvin (Foster) was at times believable as a character and sometimes went sour. The one character that strongly overacted was Emily(Rhoads). Perhaps it was just Emily’s personality, but it was annoying and sometimes uncalled for.

For this being Erik Soulliard’s first feature film, it wasn’t bad at all. It had some cheesy lines and it lacked more back story about the group of friends. There are however some moments where viewers will be sure to jump, blood will be shed and some gore is sure to make you forget it’s low budget.

Overall, The Creek is worth watching ---for those who appreciate independent films. Do not expect what comes with a big budget film. We perceive that this is just the first of Soulliard’s many ventures in the horror genre. Do expect a believable story line, and the hard work and dedication that came into play in this film.

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