Sunday, August 16, 2009

Indie News:12 Bells Trailer.

Along side Annubis Productions, Director Erik Soulliard (The Creek) is back with another horror movie. We weren't wrong in saying this was one of his many ventures in the horror genre. This movie looks promising and different. Check out the Trailer Below. There is no release date as of right now but production will be finished this

Here is the 12 Bells synopsis: "A diverse group of apartment dwellers unsuspectingly become trapped in a parallel dimension of disparate doors. While most are merely acquaintances at the outset, the group is thrust into a maze of hallways and rooms only to be separated by the mystifying element of each doorway. As they struggle to reunite and find their way, they encounter a myriad of macabre and often manic beings who threaten their life with false hope and violent sadistic behavior."

Caleb, an alcoholic recluse with a dark past who inhabits the same apartment building, must risk his last bit of sanity to help his fellow residents and rid himself of his own inner demons.

12 Bells is a suspenseful, high-paced horror that highlights the supernatural possibility that not every missing person is a victim of violent crime. Set in a warehouse resembling a mysterious netherworld, the clash of human and sub-human beings results in a chilling perplexity of survival. - 12 Bells official site.


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The trailer looks pretty Creepy!

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