Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vampire mania is here to stay! Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles are back and Guess who plays Lestat?!

Update: Bloody Disgusting has confirmed it. Still no word on what the title will be or who will be the director.

Okay, so we are happy to hear that Universal will be doing an adaptation of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. The last time we heard about Lestat Du Lioncort was when we attended the musical to see "The Vampire Lestat" on Broadway in 2006. which was soon canceled. We also heard that Pandora was going to be picked up but it never happened. By the way, we would love to see Angelina Jolie as Pandora. Just throwing that out there.

Well, moving right along to the news word on the Horror Net is that Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man)will be taking over Lestat's Character. Previously done by Tom Cruise in Interview with the vampire, and Stuart Townsend in Queen of the Damned and on stage by Hugh Panero. We think the next adaptation might possibly be "The Vampire Lestat" since we don't believe they'll remake any of the first two movies mentioned. We will keep you updated.

P.S. This is what was published in Anne Rice's Official Site in July:

"We will see high quality films based on the adventures of Lestat and his friends in the future. We will see a fine film some day of Ramses the Damned. The Mayfair Witches will have new life in film. The Christ the Lord books will some day make it to the screen. Angel Time, and the future adventures of Toby O’Dare, will make it to television or film. When I have solid news of a new film based on any of my works, I will post it on this website.

We hope this is true after all, Anne Rice brought Vampires to a whole new stature and Stephanie Meyer was taking all the credit. Rice deserves a cut in the Vampire Phenomena/Craze of the new era.


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