Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Halloween 3D placed on Hold by The Weinstein Company.

It is true that The Weinstein Company were already in Pre-Production stage for a November start date of Halloween 3D. To be released next summer. Turns out their plans were canceled.
According to Deadline the reason for TWC to shut down plans was "because Bob just felt it was rushing too fast." Referring to Bob Weinstein. Shock confirmed the story. We all are aware that Rob Zombie's  H2 didn't rake in much at the box office. TWC has been having financial problems and so it seems only conscientious that they canceled, if the film was going to be rushed. Apparently the plans are to start My Bloody Valentine 3D then focus on Halloween 3D when Patrick Lussier has time. Lussier is the director on board for H3D.

As Zombie's Halloween 2 only brought 32 million at the Box office, they will attempt to give it a re-release on Halloween in select theaters. Another set back to TWC besides H2 being horrid  to the original 'Halloween' fans was  probably the fact that they rushed it in releasing it. It would have most definitely been smarter if they would have released it on Halloween in the first place.


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