Monday, September 28, 2009

Review:Dexter Season 4 Premiere. "Living the Life"

Our favorite Serial Killer ‘Dexter’ is back with its fourth season which premiered Sunday. This time Dexter comes back as a father, Blood Spatter analyst, and husband ---with hardly any time to sleep or to kill. If you haven’t seen this episode this might be considered a spoiler. Proceed with caution.

Once again like old times this season’s first episode “Living the Life” definitely left viewers unsettled. We must say Dexter is back better than ever. Dexter is not the same ol’ Dexter Morgan because he has a full plate in his hands. So much so, that he messes up on a report in court and let’s a serial killer walk. This simply motivates Dex to find this killer and off him. But there are more fish to fry with the arrival of a new serial killer that Dexter will start admiring; the trinity killer played by John Lithgow. Dexter’s Sister Debra, in last season’s final episode was promoted to Detective. She finally has a good life right? She even has a good romance going on with Anton. But just when someone is happy someone or something comes and ruins it.

Debra is searching for her father’s affair as we saw last season. She goes to a woman she believes had the affair with her father Harry. She learns that woman is not the one she is looking for. We, ofcourse know the woman she is looking for is Dexter’s biological mother who is dead. She is also in shock when she finds out Special agent Lundy her former flame is back. Not for Debra, but because he is interested in the Trinity killer’s case since he has been trying to track him for years. Lt.La Guerta has a tendency to like men in her line of interest as we learned of her and Miguel in season 3. She is now having a secret affair with someone we all know in Miami metro police.

Moreover, our new serial killer is definitely worth staying in tuned for what he will do next. He has a tendency of killing in three’s and bathing in the nude with his victims then killing and leaving them in a literal blood bath.
Dexter is so exhausted trying to keep up with his double life that he starts dozing off at the inopportune time. After killing his latest conquest Dex suffers an accident. The problem isn’t if Dex will be okay the problem is his victim’s body parts are in the car in a trash bag. This left us unsettled and wanting to know what will happen next.


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