Monday, September 28, 2009

The Scare Game: A New Horror/Comedy Web Series.

We’re delighted to inform you about a new Web series of horror/comedy shorts called “The Scare Game” Their tag-line: "Lock your doors and keep away from the edge of your bed; Vince and his club of horror enthusiasts are hiding outside your window." Their first season will consist of thirteen 7 to 10 minute episodes exploring the topics of horror, voyeurism, and the ultimate unrequited love- fandom.
This series is being produced by Uncanny Entertainment entirely in New Mexico in a continued effort to elevate the exposure of the New Mexico film industry.

Here’s a little more information about what the ‘The Scare Game’ is all about.

Life is simple for Vince (SCOTT BRYAN); get up, go to work, and put on a mask and chase your friends around with a butcher knife. Lately, hiding in the shadows and under the bed hasn’t been doing it for Vince. His relationship with the fierce Melora (KATE COSTELLO) falls apart while his brother, Martin (RYAN JASON COOK), becomes more and more of a stranger while The Major (JASON WITTER) just becomes strange. Things begin to change when Vince’s best friend, BABS (JENN DAUGHERTY) introduces him to Deedee (HANNAH KAUFFMAN) a quirky librarian with a strange and dangerous past. Now, the club will delve into a mystery that may lead them down a path they can never return from.

The Production consists of Brian Wenrich (Producer/Production Designer)
Phillip Hughes (Writer/Director)
Jenn Daugherty (Actor/Writer)
Scott Bryan (Actor)
Jason Witter (Actor)
Kate Costello (Actor)

We enjoy all things horror and especially reporting it to fellow horror aficionados because this definitely sounds and looks interesting to us so be sure to watch the first episode on October 15, 2009 on The Scare game’s official site, followed by edited versions of the episodes which will also be released on,, and

Watch their newly realeased teaser trailer of ‘The Scare Game' below!

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