Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Watch extended scenes for Season 4 Episode 2: DEXTER

To those of you who can't get enough of America's favorite Serial killer. Showtime has released 2 clips with extended scenes of next week's Episode #2  titled "Remains to be seen" which airs October 4th.
Check it out.

Read our review on this season's premiere of Dexter here.
In Episode #2 Season 4 Dexter misplaces needed evidence in the Trinity Killer case, evidence which could expose his secret. Meanwhile, Miami Metro must juggle two serial killers at the same time, as the Vacation Murders might bring the city's tourism industry to a grinding halt.


Mss_jenn_me said...

I can't wait for the episode. Thanks for sharing this secenes.

TheHorrorPress said...

You're welcome :)

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