Friday, October 9, 2009

Poem: Little Rag Doll.

Poem By: David Petteys

Little ragdoll

There’s something I want to teach you

Something of needle and thread.

Something about sober lines that never draw,

Ink trails ending dead—

Nighttime does not always yield to sunshine,

Sometimes love means nothing at all.

Yet it can

put iron in the alloy,

But warned stagnation may arise,

avoidance extinguishing the lamp of hope.

Sometimes, little ragdoll,

The prettiest needle hurts the most,

And giving up or giving in,

Means little more than

Useless, crippling boasts;

where desperation quells

the stains of withdrawal

and romance, scars bloodied and red;

Trust that it will all make sense,

when the deepest water do you tread,

should you fail,

try again;

give in,

and you are no better than dead.

Now, I'm not tossing you around without reason;

I won’t play “rock, paper, scissor” with your heart.

Nor does this lesson mean less than

the bitterest wine.

A broken needle,

severed thread.


Tracy Lang said...

wow my baby finally got a post what a great poem I'm so proud of you

Anonymous said...

this is a great poem. im in love with it. It reachs to my heart! lol i know that weird to say! great job

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