Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Award for The Sphere of the Lycanthrope.

The Sphere of the Lycanthrope Written and Directed by David stay ---is quickly becoming a cult classic. The film has won Best Horror/Science Fiction Film at The Script to Screen Festival.This is the second win in this category in as many attempts for “Sphere of the Lycanthrope.” The film also won the best Horror film award at the Action on Film festival in Pasadena Ca in August of this year.

Perhaps the most stunning fact about this award winning film is that despite being an 18 year project, it cost the film’s producers less than $20,000 to make. The filmmakers are currently seeking investors for the sequel, “THE SPHERE of ANTONDIOQUAZGAA.”

To learn more or contact the producers go to

When reached for comment, Stay said: “After all the blood, sweat and tears, literally, I could not be happier with the overwhelming acceptance, acknowledgment and of course back to back coveted awards. Then being nominated for a Best Actor award really sent me over the top. I can’t thank everyone, and I mean hundreds for their support and the stand they took for me and making all this happen, specifically Keith Grening, my Director of Photography, Ford Austin one of my Executive Producers, Jason Peri my Editor, Matt Chassin, my family, hey the list goes on. You know who you are. My days are now consumed writing the sequel which will kick your ass harder then the Lycanthrope with a whole new Sphere. Finally, New York, my true home, keep your fingers crossed that The SOTL will be showing at the NYC Horror Fest in November. Rock on!”

You can view their acceptance speech below

( Via Matt Chassin)


Anonymous said...

2 time back to back wins for " Best Horror Film " in a feature. Wow!!!

Richard Langstern said...

I saw the screening of this film at the AOF Action on Film International Film Festival on July 30th 2009. It won Best Horror Film. Incredible camerawork by Grening. They say he filmed it by himself utilizing 2 cameras (did anyone ever do this?), what an eye. Directing the young cast by David Stay is in a class by itself. I can't say enough about him. This really could become a Cult Classic. That's what they are calling it. I'm going to watch this film develope into something huge. Great,great job!

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