Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bloodnight: The Legend of Mary Hatchett (2009)

Review by: Sweetreviewer
Directed by: Frank Sabatella
 Written by: Elke Blasi (screen play) and Frank Sabatella (writer)

'Bloodnight: The Legend of Mary Hatchett' is definitely an interesting slasher  independent film. The writer/director most likely thought "what if I create a character that illustrates the pain women go through when experiencing their menstrual cycle. The film starts off with Mary experiencing the adverse effects of her menstrual cycle. While any ordinary girl experiences cramps, bloating etc. Mary experiences severe menstrual pain causing excessive bleeding and eventually leading her to commit a series of murders.She is institutionalized. While at the institution she is raped and ends up pregnant. She is told her baby was a still born. In an attempt to escape the hospital she goes on  a murder spree and murders the entire hospital staff. Soon enough the police are called into the scene and Mary, in her signature state, nude and walking with a head in hand is shot multiple times.

This story then proceeds to a group of teenagers celebrating "Blood Night" which is the anniversary of the local axe murderer as they find their-selves right in the mouth of an urban legend.

The ending is slightly predictable but yet your aim is to finish watching it and determine the outcome. This movie is shot sort of  a la Quentin Tarantino ---although different it has it's similarities --- like when blood gushes and squirts from a persons body. It also has a lot of gore and it is constantly surprising you in the way that the murders take place. Something very different that was done was that every time someone gets killed or something is about to happen the persons face or the scene turns red. If you want to see great directing this independent film definitely deserves a watch or many for that matter. Among the great actors in the film is Samantha Facci playing Mary Hatchett who did a splendid job bringing the character alive. Another plus is that it features two great actors especially known in the horror genre. Danielle Harris (Rob Zombie's Halloween 2) and Bill Moseley (Devils Rejects)
This is such a good film that allows you to go back to where horror was great and original and at the same time creating a sense of predictability not because it was poorly written but because it has you guessing all the way through until you finally figure it out.


Sammy said...

I saw this movie and I agree! I completely liked it and found it interesting.

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