Monday, December 14, 2009

Dexter's Season Finale: What an Ending!

Tonight Marked the season 4 finale of Dexter.As you know the Trinity Killer has been Dexter's target since early on in the season and now the answers to fans all over were answered --- like whether or not Dexter was going to finally kill the trinity killer, or was the trinity killer going to get caught and or will Dexter get caught in the process? But we never would have anticipated the ending. To those that haven't watched it this is definitely a SPOILER so beware!

Okay.. let's Recap.
In the previous episode The Trinity Killer found out that Kyle Butler was Dexter he also found out where he worked and confronted Dex with a threat to leave him alone otherwise he'd kill him. Of course Dex was upset he let this "shit" go on too long and regretted not killing him earlier. While Dexter goes on to catch up with Arthur Mitchell (The Trinity Killer) he is interrupted by a series of circumstances even smashes someone's side view mirror with his car. Dexter catches up to "the trinity killer" and injects him with his famous dose. Shortly after trouble is brewing and Dex finds him self arrested not for everyone was thinking which was for tampering with evidence,killing etc. but merely for losing it and smashing a guys phone. The same man had his sideview mirror smashed by Dex.
Now Dex is in Jail and Trinity is knocked out in his van. Good thing Dex hid his License and all his money before he skipped town. During all this Drama more Drama comes along when Deb discovers who Dexter really is and that his brother was the ice truck killer. Rita then takes Dexter out of Jail and Dex admits to her he has a dark side. And promts her to take that honeymoon trip she's been talking about. Now us viewers couldnt take their eyes of the screen because we wanted to know if "Trinity" was still out cold. Turns out he fled and we're not talking in terms of leaving the country or the state but he fled to look for Dexter and where he really lives.
After forcing his family to give them all their possessions Arthur (Trinity) goes off to where he believes Dexters home is and ends uip in Dexter's old apartment where Deb is currently living. While this is going on Dexter goes over to the Millers house to look for Arthur. Arthur is nowhere in site and all of a sudden there is swat and Miami metro outside the millers front lawn. Dexter ends up in Trinity's Garage and is discovered by his co-workers of course at this point we are at the edge of our seats, but Dexter pulls it off by saying he got there first and points out the coffin he found.
 Deb reveals what she knows to Dexter and Dexter appears to be in shock that Deb knows the truth of his  life. Check out a clip from

Throughout all this, Dexter finally catches up to Trinity. Trinity finds himself in Dexter's hands and wrapped in plastic. Trinity tells Dexter something like this is what God wants and that no one can change what happens.
Trinity is killed with a framing hammer that he uses to kill. Dexter is done and leaves to pack his stuff and catch up with Rita who is waiting for him to go on their overdue honeymoon. He listens to a voicemail from Rita indicating she had forgotten her I.d. and was going back home to get it. At this point the rest of the kids are at disney world and little harrison was with Rita. Dexter's whole plan was to get his family away from Trinity.
Dex attempts to call Rita's phone just to hear  Rita's phone ringing. He then hears his son crying in the next room and right there the unimaginable is seen. Little Harrison is crying in a pool of blood that quickly takes Dexter back to when he was a kid and found in a pool of blood as well. The camera then focuses on Rita  dead in a pool of blood. Trinity managed to kill  for the last time.
This was definitely unexpected for the finale we knew something big was going to happen but never this... Now our question is what will happen in the next season? Will Dexter find himself contemplating that it was his fault and attempt to commit suicide? Not really. It wouldnt fit in with his character but then again he's constantly surprising us. Or perhaps hell stop his ways for awhile... Will he be placed in custody until they can figure out what happened all though Miami Metro will know it was the trinity killer that did it and not Dexter they might want to investigate as to why the trinity killer targeted Dexter. Another question would be Did anyone see Trinity walk in to the station and saw him speaking with Dex? Will they retrieve the list of people that helped Trinity at the construction site? If so, will;l they connect Dex with Kyle Butler? Finally, the little boy that was rescued by Dex will he point him out if he even got to see him?
So many questions and so little answers. We'll just have to wait for next season and contemplate on what will happen. For now stay tuned today at 3pm EST John Lithgow ("The Trinity killer") will be answering your questions on the finale at through a live video chat.


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