Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Film Review: 'DayBreakers' (2010)

Review by: Rick Romanowski
Directed  and Written by: Michael and Peter Spierig
Released in Theaters January 2010

A couple days ago I got to see one of the most anticipating horror movies of the year and it was Daybreakers. The story follows along in a world where vampires replace humans and the vampires are struggling to find either a cure or a blood substitute. However, one vampire, who doesn’t drink human blood, is enlisted by an underground group of humans who may have found a procedure to turn vampires back into humans. But the head of a greedy blood corporation wants to ensure that there is no cure. I really enjoyed this movie, a lot, and yes I do have some gripes here and there but it was an overall fun ride with some good makeup and gore effects.

I find this whole movie very clever and original. It uses both the traditional lore of the vampire and the modern mythology of vampires to make an great story. What I mean by original is that, this movie uses typical vampire killer tools and turns them on each other… so here, exposing a vampire doesn’t necessarily mean that it will kill them, in fact it might even help them. Things like that, I found really original. I also noticed that there is not one instance where somebody uses a cross or holy water to destroy them, this is a modern creation where Christianity is completely useless against them. Even the ‘cure’ itself for vampirism, you would have never have thought of it because… well, to bit again by a vampire would turn you back into one right?

Some people had a problem with the way blood was being presented in this movie as either wine or mixed with coffee or in soda. I didn’t find this unappealing at all; I found it very clever that a society of vampires would do that. They were once human so I am sure they still like coffee and wine… just with a little blood added. Plus, watching them drink such mass amounts of blood or just watching them drink it from a glass is nerve racking.

The gore and the makeup was also really exceptional. I found it pleasing to see the ‘sub-siders’ look like your traditional modern vampire. They are deformed, have pointy ears, big fangs and bat wings and they are a prime example of modern vampirism. They were exceptionally brutal and very terrifying. They are hideous things.

Overall, this movie was fantastic. The only problem I had was the movie was too long to fit such a well thought of story and it moved by way too fast. The film pays homage to most zombie flicks but it’s a great story with some damn good effects and some pretty terrifying moments. If you’re sick of sparkling vampires, please see this movie.


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