Friday, June 26, 2009

Halloween II remake news and trailer.

Halloween is one of the movies that started it all, for horror fans all over the world. Rob Zombie comes back with Halloween 2 on August 28. He says that this movie “will be more realistic than the first.”He mentions that the characters are left with trauma and in the movie it showcases how “messed up the characters are” after the occurrences from the previous film.Halloween being a classic, was regarded as remaining untouched, until Rob Zombie came along and reinvented it, while keeping the same storyline. His reinvention of Halloween let millions with a want for more, and some feeling like some scenes ,such as the rape scene were unnessary. But that is part of Rob Zombie's vision as a director. He either does it grand and leaves you seriously messed up like his characters, or he'll rather not do it at all. He mentioned to Malcolm McDowell the actor who plays Dr. Loomis, that if he wasn't sure the movie would be better than the first then he wouldnt bother doing it.

Rob zombie has said that in remaking Halloween 2, he doesn’t consider it a remake this is one 100% Rob Zombie; opposed to the other film ,in which he had to deal with the pressure of keeping it similar, but not too the same, and not too different. Check out the theatrical trailer. The Horror Press can’t wait to see it and review it. Stay tuned.

Trailer courtesy of Shocktillyoudrop



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