Sunday, June 28, 2009

Truebies! season 2 is back better than ever!

We always try to either read or watch a piece of something horror- related at least once a day. Today it was all about True Blood.

As you all know true blood is back for its second season. It’s adaptation into a series on HBO came from the Sookie stack house series by Charlaine Harris.

Things are definitely getting steamier and crazier at the same time. Bill is showing off his darker side a lot more. Sookie is no longer tolerating people’s shit. Eric got a makeover, and we can now see his animalistic side in the first episode of season two. There’s a new woman in town by the name of Mary Ann- that we’re still trying to figure out what she or it is; we first saw her at the end of season one. Someone who came at the end of season one as well was Jessica, the seven-teen year old that Bill had to convert vampire as a punishment, she’s still trying to get use to being a Vampire by causing trouble. We like her as an addition to the characters.

In the second episode of season two we found out that there’s some kind of dragon going around scratching women, on their backs and leaving poison behind. True Blood get’s better by the minute so much so, that we wish they gave it every day. Lafayette…well you have to watch it to know what’s happening with Lafayette. Just know that that town is filled with Vampires, shape shifters, dragons, a church filled with vampire haters, and possibly a witch? Not sure. We haven’t read the books yet. Those that have read the books leave a comment about it without spoiling it too much for us.


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