Sunday, June 28, 2009

A nightmare on Elm Street without Wes Craven and Robert Englund.

There's talk about a remake of Nightmare on Elm street in 2010 the problem, Robert Englund is no longer Freddy Krueger, and Wes Craven is not directing it.

True Freddy Krueger fans are definitely disappointed. One must stop and wonder if this remake will live to its original legacy or will it be just a lame attempt at a remake to bring in more money without a vision?
Well, we’ll just have to wait and see when it hits theaters. According to IGN Wes Craven is hurt by this, he states the following "I don't even know who's doing it and I'm not interested. It's actually really painful to think about it. It's the film of mine that I probably love the most, and which made the most money. The script went around Hollywood for three years and nobody touched it and I went through all my life savings and everything else to pay for it, so I had to make the deal I did."
Freddie Krueger will be played by Jackie Earle Haley , watchmen, badnews bears. It is currently being filmed in the Chicago area. Check out Jackie's reaction when asked if he was playing Freddie Krueger.

For an exclusive photo of Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Kreuger refer to this post.

(Source: IGN, Orlando Parfitt, Craven’s Elm Street Nightmare.)


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