Monday, July 13, 2009

Megan Fox Stars as a Demon Cheerleader in Jennifer's Body.

Jennifer’s Body directed by Karyn Kusama and screen play by Diablo Kody(Juno) stars Meghan Fox as Jennifer Check (Transformers revenge of the fallen) is about an attractive cheerleader/Demon that seduces and kills boys and sometimes girls in order to feed. This movie is targeted to a teenage or young adult audience. The movie also stars Amanda Seyfried (mean girls) as Needy Lesnicky. (Not sure about the characters name Needy Les Nicky) any who Needy Lesnicky is Jennifer’s best friend who is trying to stop Jennifer from killing. Also starring is Johnny Simmons who plays the character of Chip Dove and Adam Brody as Nikolai Wolf. Jennifer’s Body comes out September 18 2009.

Behind the scenes footage had surfaced the internet a while back when filming,(For those that wondered if Meghan would appear nude in the film.)

Meghan fox appears topless but she has pasties on. She will be partially topless sporting pasties and her hair will be covering part of her breasts.

Check out the Red Band Trailer below provided by Shock till you drop.
There will also be a novel available online based on the movie. Click here
to Pre-Order the Book.

(sources: Shocktillyoudrop,Red Band Trailer. Imbd)

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