Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vampire Mania Continues, with Vampire Diaries Series

"New Show on CW about vampires"
"More on Stephanie Meyer author of the twilight saga, and her mark on the Vampire genre."

The Vampire craze continues, there are those who say that Stephanie Meyer opened the door to vampires, which is wrong. Stephanie Meyer certainly brought vampires back, she reopened doors to vampires is more like it; thanks to the teen crazed Twilight saga fans. Anne rice of course, is the queen of the vampire genre but she has since stopped writing about them. Now Ms. Meyer opened the door to more vampire genre authors. Charlaine Harris, for example with the Sookie Stackhouse series although she has been writing for years, HBO decided to adapt the book into a series called True Blood.( Read my review on season 2 here .)

Furthermore, she has also opened doors to a series of books called the vampire diaries by L.J. Smith now adapted as a TV show by CW called the vampire diaries. The Vampire diaries are also targeted to a teen audience although The Horror Press will be looking out for it on September 10, 2009 when it premieres and review it. It looks a little less terrorizing than Buffy the Vampire Slayer the TV Show, but we’ll see. The Vampire Diaries stars Elena (Nina Dobrev) “who is torn between a pair of vampire brothers, the tortured and well-meaning Stefan (Paul Wesley) and the devilish Damon (Somerhalder).” –Mtv

Somer Halder who plays Damon, was interviewed by Mtv saying “It's fun playing a vampire, "You're 200 years old. You can fly around. You can eat beautiful girls — well, you can suck on their neck. I don't physically cut them up and eat them. That would be a little sick." He sounds a little to excited there, huh — about being a vampire. He also mentioned something along the lines of Vampires kill people therefore, they have to eat for “population control” He’s done his research alright, and it seems like he really got into his role. For more Vampire Diaries info check out CW Website. For updates,posters etc. on the Vampire diaries, check out the link below.

(Source: Jocelyn Vena, Mtv )

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