Monday, July 6, 2009

New Horror Movie Orphan out July 24th

Update: You can read the Orphan Movie film review here.

There are a lot of new horror movies coming out. Orphan is about a young adopted girl named Esther. Kate Coleman is unable to conceive children after a tragic loss of her baby. Kate and her husband John, try to fill that void by adopting a little girl, Esther. Esther is not just an ordinary little girl. Their fate changes when they realize Esther is not quite what they expected. This movie reminds us of the movie The Omen with the little boy Damian who is possessed by the demon. Orphan comes out July 24th 2009 Check out this trailer hopefully it’s a good movie and different.
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Anonymous said...

I'm not wasting my time with this movie it looks like it will suck.

Tiff said...

Anonymous your wrong, I think this movie will be great. It looks super scary. And yeah... It does remind me of the movie Omen with Damian.

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